Heterotopic Contingency









Year: 2013 / 2014

Medium: Ground spices, dried herbs, flour, ice, plasticine

Size of print: 111 x 90cm with 10cm borders


Heterotopic Contingency is a series of photographs of fabricated landscapes. The body of work invites the audience through a journey amongst these green hills and snow filled mountains, convinced initially by their faculties concerning the veracity of these terrains. Upon the gradual increase of doubt and the consequent realisation of these landscapes’ falsity, can this acknowledgement impose the audience within an uncoordinated space between reality and imagination, just as described by Lyotard? Can the heterotopic experience suspend our reasoning, lift us away from our here and now into the imaginative and transcendental sphere? It is thus, my primary interest to map the relationship between the otherness and the contemporary sublime.

The constructing and photographing of each scene took place over a course of ten days, with important emphasis placed in the lighting and details of each individual terrain, for the intention of developing a set of conditions significant to the particular landscape. The fabrication invites the viewers to cast their gaze upon the contours of these landscapes, dwelling amidst the hilly grounds and mountainous terrains; thenceforth embarking onwards into a journey of the imaginative, and consequently participate in the identity of an admiring, transcendental being.


Editions of 4, 1AP