Conversations beyond the Summer Breeze








*play videos simultaneously

Year: 2013 / 2014


“Conversations beyond the Summer Breeze” is a dual channel video work which extends as part of an on-going inquiry into the contemporary landscape condition.

The work relies greatly on the impression these visuals provide the audience with, much especially when the fabricated landscapes are revealed in their entirety and absolute clarity. These images impress, overlap and build upon one another six times over, and through the three sets of fabrication in each of the two videos. In my aim to achieve the forms of emotions which arise within us upon the sight of natural landscapes, I am particularly interested in the psychological condition that surfaces and which consequently occupies the mind of the viewer. This overwhelming passion is only painstakingly achieved through the tension that engages between the constant obscurity of the imageries and the simultaneous revelation of what is hidden within this indistinctness. This uneasiness we observe, is specifically important in placing the mind of the viewer in a discordant state of fear and desire. The dialectic of fear in the suspense of the unknown and the relief that results from the certainty work in inverse ratio to each other; they act as a principle for the imagination, brings the viewer into a state of contemplation, and invites an anticipation into the experience of landscape’s condition.

The physical structure of the six landscapes were constructed in a twenty gallon aquarium, with multiple lighting sources positioned, aimed to resemble environmental illumination of natural land within various conditions. The two channel videos, which are to be played in synchronisation, start with a scene filled with intense fog. The fog gradually escapes away from the frame, slowly revealing the landscape hidden beneath it. The unhindered scene stays for a mere three seconds, and hereafter, the fog proceeds to occupy the entire screen, repeating the entire process two times further, unveiling a different landscape each time.


This dual channel video work is to be displayed in the form of projection onto a piece of white wall in a space without any lighting. The two separate frames, which are screened from two projectors, are to be set on loop and to be synchronised accurately. This is to ensure harmony of the work – the precision of simultaneous revelation of the landscape from the fog, as well as the concurrence display of both day and night scenes. The proportion of each projection should be adjusted to about the size similar to a domestic window.