Chromatic Solstice









Year: 2016

Medium: Giclée printing on lustre paper  / Powder, pigment, sawdust, ice, fog, lights


‘Chromatic Solstice’ is a body of photographs of handcrafted landscapes consisting of sawdust, powder, pigment, fog, and light. Originally from Singapore, I spent six years living in Scotland. The tropical island located at the equator has two weathers – sunshine and rain, unlike Scotland’s four seasons in a day. The light in Singapore is of consistent quantity throughout the year, and is different from Scotland’s dramatic long winter darkness and perpetually bright summer skies. As light takes a longer time to reach Scotland, it is stretched, scattered, and diffused, thus differing from Singapore’s intense and concentrated quality. I wondered then, how can I make use of the vocabulary of light?

The construction and photographing process of each image took place over a period of three to seven days, with important considerations placed in the lighting and composition of each landscape structure, in aim of uniting the vocabulary of materials into the spatial singularity of the photographic image: the landscapes provide a theatrical space where the colours manifest and engage in dialectics amongst each other. The colours, light, and composed landscapes consequently assemble themselves as a spatial entity in the embodiment of the fog. The fabrications invite the viewers to embark on a journey of the imaginative, and consequently participate in the position of an admiring, contemplative being.

This body of work were essentially inspired by the theatrical light of Scotland’s skies, observed through the repetitive equinoxes and solstices cycles.


Editions of 4, 1 AP

Size of prints:

105cm x 80cm

(#16- editions of 3, 1 AP remaining)