Chromatic Solstice









Year: 2016

Medium: Giclée printing on lustre paper  / Powder, pigment, sawdust, ice, fog, lights


‘Chromatic Solstice’ is a body of works of fabricated landscapes consisting of powder, pigment, artificial fog, and light. Coming from Singapore, a former colony of Britain located at the equator, the tropical climate has two weathers – sunshine and rain, unlike Scotland’s four seasons in a day. The light differs from Scotland’s dramatic long winter darkness and perpetually bright summer skies as the equator receives consistent quantity throughout the year. This series of work is inspired by the theatrical light of Scotland’s skies, observed through the repetitive equinoxes and solstices cycles.

Editions of 4, 1 AP

Size of prints:

105cm x 80cm

(#16- editions of 3, 1 AP remaining)

80cm x 60cm

(#1, #3, #12- editions of 3, 1 AP remaining)

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